Front cover of Invisible Woman: Transceding the Hidden Struggle of Chronic Illness

What if chronic illness
was an opportunity?

What if it was a doorway into a deeper dimension of self-knowing, self-love and self-trust?

What if your health condition was, in fact, your personal activation for Ascension?

This is the pathway that revealed itself to Linda Emslie over the many years of managing endometriosis, IBS, migraines and fibromyalgia. In this book, Invisible Woman: Transcending the Hidden Struggle of Chronic Illness, Linda shares the secrets of soul-deep healing for chronic illness.

Invisible Woman is a blend of parts of Linda’s story, practical activities and devotional techniques to accelerate your Spiritual development. This is your personal invitation to change perspective, change paradigms and change your relationship with chronic ill health forever.


Part 1 provides you with a context for how chronic illness comes about.

Part 2 equips you with the tools needed for reconnection, healing and self-knowledge.

Part 3 enables you to bring the principles of the sacred feminine into your life and your business.

Part 4 prepares you for a paradigm shift with an Initiation into Sacred Truth.


This book is for you if you have tried everything – I mean everything – to get on top of your condition, but nothing seems to work for long. You’re over the band-aid approach to self-care, and you’re sick of being stuck in Groundhog Day with your business. You know what you have to do, but it’s scary and you don’t know where to start.

Take a deep breath and take Linda’s hand. She’ll hold the light while you find your way. Reclaim your personal freedom, reconnect to your full potential and rejoice in the luscious sanctuary of your own heavenly body.